About Us

My name is Olga Zurita, LCSW. I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Virginia and the founder of Duality Counseling LLC. 

I bring over seven years of experience in mental healthcare to my work with adults. My specialties include addiction, trauma, life stressors, relationships, self-worth, and more. I do this by going beyond thoughts and words, focusing also on the body’s inherent wisdom and capacity for healing. Among my many passions is teaching others to build a healthy relationship with their whole selves and their emotions.

Our goal at Duality Counseling is to help you reconnect with what you want for yourself rather than what others want for you. We will focus on your strengths as we work together so that you can start seeking validation from within rather than from those around you. Together, we will partner to create a life where you feel strong, independent, and equipped to handle life stressors on your own.

We invite you to learn more about our services, and if you think we might be a good fit, please send us a free consultation request.

Duality Counseling is a 100% Telehealth Practice

All telehealth sessions are conducted via a HIPAA-compliant platform with your privacy as a paramount concern. 

The choice to be exclusively telehealth was intentional. In our hectic life, connecting with help is ever so challenging.  As such, some of the reasons why telehealth may be a good fit for you could include:

~ Convenience (available when you are available—even during evening and weekend hours)

~ Work/Life balance (asking for time off work can be challenging)

~ Transportation (save on gas, no need to sit in traffic or pay for parking)

~ Caregiver responsibilities (including pets, childcare, and partner care)

~ Accessibility (including physical and mental health limitations)

~ Comfort (who doesn’t want to have therapy in slippers and a pet in our lap)

~ Privacy (no waiting room encounters)

~ Safety (ideal for victims of intimate partner violence or other safety concerns)

Despite the benefits of utilizing telehealth, there are certain situations when telehealth may not be appropriate. These include complex mental health diagnoses (i.e., visual and/or auditory hallucinations); recent suicidal or homicidal thoughts; poor Internet connection; or lack of privacy to have telehealth therapy sessions.